The Role of Satellites in the Development of 5G Networks

5G is here, and new equipment is being installed in cities across the world. In many cases, demand for 5G capacity is exceeding infrastructure improvements, especially in rural areas that are difficult to access. For years, satellite communication has remained a standalone technology, independent of mobile networking. But with the next generation of satellites – built from 5G architecture – […]

The Rise of Electric Vehicles and Their Impact on the Future of Automotive Lubricants

The trend towards electric vehicles is expected to grow in the next decade as more countries attempt to reduce emissions. The Paris Agreement, along with increased concern for air quality and the diesel emissions scandal, have influenced diesel and fossil fuel restrictions. The automotive industry is in the midst of a major shift from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to […]

Humanity in the Customer Experience

Companies are increasingly adopting artificial intelligence as part of their customer experience. But is it really useful?Let’s face it, we all have a natural distrust of banks, insurance companies, utility companies and governments. There is a huge list of reasons that you can give for this distrust, but trust me, we all feel it, and the companies that succeed in […]

How to Recruit for Focus Groups

While there is no one clear definition of a focus group, it is generally considered to be a research tool that involves a small sample of people coming together to discuss a product or service to gain a better understanding of their opinions. Focus groups are a great way to gather consumer data. The best part is you can run […]

How Can Brands Best Deliver Value to Consumers Battling Inflation

Inflation can cause big problems for businesses and families all over the world. When the prices of food, gas, and transportation go up, it becomes very important for companies that make consumer technology and durable goods to show that their products are worth the extra money. Though many global markets have been stable in their economic recovery post-Covid-19, that rebound […]

What is Aided and Unaided Awareness?

When you are carrying out research to create awareness for your product or service, whether you use unaided or aided, awareness is still a positive outcome. There are several different metrics that go into calculating a brand’s value, but one of the most important is awareness. Many businesses are focused on raising brand awareness, but it’s important to realize that […]

Market Research & the Metaverse: What Does the Future Hold?

With the rapid development of internet and technology in recent years, we’ve seen the emergence of innovative new platforms that boast exciting ways of connecting with others – the metaverse being one such example. This entrance has got people wondering about how social connection might look in the future. Important questions arise, such as: How will people interact with the […]

Consumer between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

In a world where consumers rely heavily on the internet, the way we buy experiences has changed drastically. With an abundance of products and services available online, customers have to navigate through all the communication channels the internet provides. Because of this, customer behavior has changed significantly due to the accumulated experience from their interactions with the internet. Web 3.0 […]

Market Research for New Product Development

Before making any major changes to a product, be sure to do your research and understand what your specific audience wants. If you don’t do this, you can run the risk of losing a substantial amount of money in the long run. It’s important to do research on your new product or service because it ensures that you’re getting the […]